The Importance of IT Security

A 2 minute read, Posted on Fri, Jul 7, 2017

IT Security can be an expensive investment, which often leads many businessmen to wonder why or if it is worth the investment. Since so many businesses are now reliant on technology, IT security is vital to protecting themselves and their customers. Here are a few reasons why it is definitely something that should be considered and invested in.

Protecting Internal Networks

Without proper IT security systems, your internal systems may be vulnerable to a cyber attack. These attacks may cause system malfunctions that could derail your daily operations. An attack like that can mean more than just a headache for you while you restore your systems. It may also have a larger impact on your business if important deadlines are missed and clients who are dependent on your system are unable to access what they need. Additionally, it will cost you in a lack of productivity. Many employees will be unable to work if your systems are brought down, and you may need to pay overtime to some employees as they work extra hours to restore your systems. Protecting your internal network is vital.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Cyber attacks not only may have an impact on performing tasks, but sensitive data may be jeopardized. Passwords, billing information, addresses, telephone numbers, and other sensitive data that may come with your industry and the services you offer, may become exposed in a cyber attack. Having that information stolen or compromised can be costly as you may need to provide assistance to your customers or employees to protect their identity and credit following an attack. Other possibilities are negative attention and a negative reputation that may be hard to break away from following an attack. In addition, in some cases legal action may be taken against a company which is attacked if they have not taken enough reasonable measures to protect their clients and employees. Not only would a lawsuit provide negative attention, but it also may severely damage the company in fees and monetary outcomes.


While IT security can be a large investment, it is definitely a necessity. CSCI, a company offering IT security in San Diego, stresses the importance of utilizing proper security methods. As technology changes and evolves, so do the methods of those who try to infiltrate your systems.It is vital to hire a company which uses the best security practices and can assure you that your networks and information is safe.