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The Importance of IT Security

IT Security can be an expensive investment, which often leads many businessmen to wonder why or if it is worth the investment. Since so many businesses are now reliant on technology, IT security is vital to protecting themselves and their customers. Here are a few reasons why it is definitely something that should be considered and invested in. Protecting Internal NetworksWithout proper IT security systems, your internal systems may be vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Where are Computers Headed in the Next Five Years?

Do you remember when dial-up was a hot trend? It's ok if you don't. The rest of us are still trying to forget. Consider for a moment how far computers have come in the last century. At one time, a single computer could take up an entire room. Now you can hold one in your hand. So where are computers headed in the next 5 years? Big Data: The Hot New TrendBig Data involves sifting through large data sets to discover trends, patterns, and associations.

7 Ways Computers Can Increase Your Productivity

The modern day corporation and the small business owner have one very important thing in common. They both rely on their computer system to increase productivity in the office. Very few people remember a time when computers were not part of the office productivity. Computer technology quickly revolutionized the way that the office is managed, leading to increased productivity in the office. Certainly, the computer is a very essential part of the modern day office.

The Ugly Truth About IT Security

IT Security - How Secure is It? Most computer users imagine an individual sitting in a dark basement creating new, more sophisticated viruses every day or carefully studying a specific computer system’s programming and system logic to be hacked. The reality is IT security today is far less secure because it has become a profitable industry. Consider, for example, the internet most know and understand is not the only online platform.